About Us

Anything related to People, Processes, and Systems makes our hearts sing.  Since 2011, Teneo Consulting Inc. has been working with clients to solve people and process puzzles through the application of Organizational Development expertise.  We take the mystery out of consulting by providing straight-forward, practical advice, and tools so our clients can concentrate on achieving peak business performance.

We work with you to identify opportunities in the areas of People, Processes, and Systems.  We draw on our expertise in Organizational Development, Project Management, and Communication to implement lasting organizational change.  Our collective body of work has positively impacted corporations, cooperatives, faith-based institutions, small business, and the public sector.

Our approach is collaborative and relational. By establishing a strong relational foundation, we are able to recognize and harness existing potential in new ways that inspire trust and creativity. Your organization holds the answers; we assist in finding the right key to unlock new solutions to tired old problems that drive you crazy and cost you money.

We treat your business and your employees with the same care and respect that we would treat our own.  We don’t shy away from challenges or sugar-coat the truth. If your organization is navigating significant change and you need objective honest advice, you are in the right place.

In 2016, Teneo Consulting Ltd obtained the licensing rights to bring DisruptHR to Edmonton.  Over a three year period we built the brand and community, growing the events from 100 to over 250 people in attendance.  In 2019 we transferred the license and responsibility to one of our champion volunteers in a prime example of succession in action.

Work With Us

Set and achieve your goals with our assistance when you are facing:

  • A crossroads
  • A significant change in your sector or within your organization
  • Merger or acquisition

Our change management expertise and years of figuring out people and process challenges across a variety of industries, means we have a unique ability to assist you.

Communicate strategically to ensure:

  • Your great strategy is successful in real life and not just on paper
  • You are engaging all stakeholders at the optimal time
  • Your messages are on point and effective

We can partner with you to create a communication strategy to reach stakeholders with the right message, at the right time, through the right media.

Eliminate re-work and waste:

  • Optimize your processes
  • Drive dollars to your bottomline by streamlining workflows
  • Base your decisions on data and facts when identifying inefficiencies
  • Implement change in controlled workable chunks

We apply Six Sigma and Lean principles to facilitate the elimination of re-work and waste in your processes and systems.

2JMwebsizeOur founder
, Joy Monsma, holds a Masters of Business Administration in Community Economic Development and has over 25 years of practical experience. She is trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt, has trained Green Belts, and holds Prosci Change Management Certification. Joy has held senior positions with Fortune 500 companies and taught at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and The King’s University.

Others describe Joy as strategic, creative, energetic, and tenacious.  She has an ability to connect the dots between disparate ideas and break down complex situations into approachable pieces.  She applies her strategic insights to make a meaningful impact on the organizations she works with.  Whatever your enterprise’s need, you can count on a consulting experience imbued with respect, integrity, and a sense of adventure.

Joy’s insights, expertise and humour have been shared in the following places:

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Our associate, Ashley McKarney, has over 9 years of experience specializing in Human Resources, Leadership, Organizational Development and Business Management in a variety of industries including; non-profit, finance, retail and a publicly traded service organization.  Throughout her career, Ashley has built comprehensive Human Resources functions, coached leaders, managed employee relations and worked with senior executives to increase engagement and strategize organizational growth.  Ashley holds her Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a Major in Entrepreneurship and Small Business and Minors in Human Resources and Strategic Management and Organization.