Courageous Leadership

Leaders who choose to shift an organizational culture after having existed in, and contributed possibly unwittingly or intentionally to the current culture for a period of time, are courageous. By making this choice, committing to the outcome, and following through in words and deeds, they expose themselves to the risk that they might not succeed. Few leaders are used to failing. Most prefer to take calculated risks that are stacked in their favour.

Networking Meetings

Attended a BNI meeting this morning in Sherwood Park, met like minded entreprenuerial people and worked on building relationships.  The question was posed as to whether the meeting was an ‘experience’ for visitors.  As a visitor, I was struck by the intentionality of the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships, not simply superficial networking for one’s own gain.  Building relationships is experiential by nature; kudos to BNI Park Rangers for hosting an experience!