Shifting Paradigms

Change is a really powerful force at work in many areas of our lives and world at any given time. We can chose to change or change can happen to us, one way or another change is inevitable. Our enterprises change, our bodies change, even the sunrise and sunset changes on a daily basis in my neck of the woods. If change is such a pervasive and integral part of our lives, why does it provoke such fear?

Maybe it is time to view change differently, to remove the references to managing change and replace that paradigm with one that encourages the ability to adapt and flow with change while keeping one eye open to foresee future change. Apart from cataclysmic change, the majority of change can be foretold or foreshadowed. The ability to predict the events that might unfold, gives an enterprise and indeed a person the opportunity to prepare.

Preparation is a chance to adapt your enterprise or yourself in anticipation of the changes that will occur. Preparation is controllable but the actual evolution of change itself is less controllable. In the northern hemisphere, the sun rises and sets at different times every day. This is a law of nature, it happens daily and we have no control over it. What we can control is how we prepare for the daily change in natural light, by making sure we have adequate artificial light to allow us to continue on with our activities even in the dead of winter when there is only eight hours of sunlight.  What kind of creativity would be unleashed if enterprises and individuals shifted how they viewed change?  What if we moved from spending our energies trying to manage change which is kind of pointless, to placing our energy into forecasting the changes that might occur and preparing to meet/adapt to the future?

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