Where’s the Manual?

Recently, I told my university class that I remembered when faxes were introduced to business. This illicited looks of sheer disbelief and gales of laughter from the class, who were were not even born when that change happened. Faxes are so old school, they said. Well, they are right and I find myself on the edge of another technological precipice called social media.

But this time, I can’t pull a manual out of a box with the new fangled machine and figure it out. I have to rely on the experiences and insight of those who have already braved this frontier. Hoping that all the fragmented information I am reading will coagulate into a manual of sorts that will guide my entry and journey into the use of social media for my business.

I’m fairly Facebook savvy on a personal level, however I seem to encounter a hurdle between the use of social media for social purposes and social media for business purposes. And I don’t believe I am alone in trying to overcome that hurdle. I know I have to though and so with a little fear and lots of anticipation of great results, I will step forward into the realm of social media and tweet.

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